Low Cost Heating and Humidification Attachment for the Pumani bCPAP


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Low Cost Heating and Humidification Attachment for the Pumani bCPAP
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Respiratory Distress Syndrome is a leading cause of death among premature infants worldwide. Most CPAP devices used in the developed world have a heating and humidification element that helps to deliver warm, moist oxygen to the infant. The current Pumani bCPAP, however, lacks this component and can cause complications for the infant. These complications include mucus secretions, lowering of core temperature, and dry airways. Since access to clean water is limited in developing world settings, a sterilization method is necessary for any water used for the humidifier. Developing a safe, low-cost heating and humidification component for integration with the existing Pumani bCPAP device will reduce the risk of complications and allow the CPAP to be implemented in colder climates.
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The device takes room-temperature air delivered by the bCPAP and sterilizes it using UVC light. Passover humidification is used to humidify the air. The humidification process is aided by a humidifier sleeve made of resistor to heat the container and increase the water evaporation rate. The heating sleeve around the tubing maintains the temperature of the air at 37°C to prevent condensation formation in the tubing. A sensor will turn off all the heating components if the temperature of the air exceeds 37°C and will turn back on if the temperature falls below 35°C. The air delivered to the baby will have a relative humidity above 80% humidity at 37°C and will be free of pathogen content.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Beyond Traditional Borders
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Maria Oden
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2014 Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Competition: Best Global Health Technologies Engineering Design Award

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