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Design Challenge
The goal of this project is to compete in the 2014 ASME Student Design Competition. The team will design and build a small UAV system to carry a payload through an obstacle course in order to deliver it to a target destination and return to the starting position. The team must design and build, at a minimum, the propulsion and control system for the UAV. The UAV must be built by the team and cannot be a purchased commercially available vehicle. The UAV must be able to maneuver around and through obstacles, change its vertical position, and be small enough to pass through a 28-in. diameter hoop. The UAV must be powered by batteries and radio controlled using a standard RC controller. The UAV must also be equipped with a clearly labeled master shut-off switch.
Design Summary
A quadcopter to be utilized in firefighting has been built. A quadcopter is similar in spirit to a helicopter, but has four motors and four propellers mounted to a frame. The frame has four arms emanating from a central hub, and the frame is made out of carbon fiber. The microcontroller, sensors, wireless components, speed controllers, batteries, and payloads are mounted at the central hub. Payload is deployable and can be dropped via a trapdoor actuated by a servo. Additional modular payload can be added to the craft and can serve to increase the weight of the craft for the competition scoring and to adjust the center of gravity.
The aircraft is controlled with a PS2 controller and communicates wirelessly using Xbee transceivers. Shields are mounted onto the carbon fiber frame, which protects the blades. An analog stabilization board takes the input from the controller and uses feedback from its sensors to stabilize the aircraft. A few issues with the stabilization board remain unresolved.

Date Updated: 05/04/14
This project was sponsored by Chevron. The design work for this project was supported by the resources of the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen.
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Kenton Kirkpatrick
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Andrew Dick
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