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White Oak Bayou Reroute


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Big Water
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White Oak Bayou Reroute
Design Challenge
White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayou are the two major streams that have a flooding impact downtown Houston. The two bayous come together at the north edge of the downtown area and then run across the northern edge to the east toward Galveston Bay. The configuration of the two bayous is such that a short reroute of a portion of White Oak Bayou could have a significant positive impact on flooding downtown. This project includes the modeling of the two rivers and the rerouted section to develop a design of the new reach, determine if a portion of Buffalo Bayou can be rerouted through the new White Oak Bayou reach to form a protected “riverwalk” between Fannin Street and the Heights Bike Trail, design a new bridge to cross the rerouted White Oak Bayou at San Jacinto Street and to deal with the environmental remediation required of the METRO Bus Maintenance Facility where the new stream will be routed.
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Design Summary
The potential new reroute of White Oak Bayou will present an opportunity to create a San Antonio like “riverwalk” on the north side of downtown. The project will be to design flood control gates at each end of the riverwalk, provide the “river’s edge” landscape along the bayou and develop two areas, Allen’s Landing, the location of the beginning of Houston, and at the east end a mixed use office and retail center to make use of the south side of the riverwalk and tie it back to the city. There are environmental concerns with the riverwalk and the surrounding land that must be addressed in the project.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Charles Penland
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  • CEVE
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Phillip de Blanc
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  • CEVE
Award(s) and Recognition
2014 Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Competition: Best Environment and Sustainability Engineering Design Award

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