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2013-2014 Team
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NCI Design
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NCI Project
Design Challenge
The main objective of our project is to help Neighborhood Center Inc.(NCI) choose the type of vehicle that NCI should use as the Mobility Community Center (MCC) to minimize the cost, as well as design an optimal schedule for MCC and NCI staff who will deliver service to Houston communities on MCC under certain scenarios in order to serve the most needed Houstonians.
Design Summary
We generate a model which aims to minimize the cost and maximize the utility of the MCC. We also design the user interface accordingly. Our design will allow NCI know what is the schedule for MCC and NCI's employees based on communities' information and their demands, NCI staffs' and MCC's availability and some other conditions.
Neighborhood Centers Inc.
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  • Computational and Applied Mathematics
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Matthias Heinkenschloss
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  • CAAM
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2014 Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Competition: Best Conceptual or Computational Modeling Engineering Design Award

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