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CMH Hot Air Balloon


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2017-2018 Team
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Bad and Balloonee
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CMH Hot Air Balloon
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The Children’s Museum of Houston is always seeking new interactive and educational exhibits. Our goal is to develop a new exhibit that will introduce children to the concept of thermodynamics, specifically one demonstrating the idea that warmer air is less dense than colder air. The exhibit will consist of a model air-balloon that visitors can heat and release. The exhibit should be fun for children of all ages, and the interface should be intuitive and durable. Visitors will be able to measure the internal temperature of the balloon to evaluate how the heat difference between the inside and outside affects the rate of ascent. The completion of this project will result in an engaging exhibit that will excite children about STEM.
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Sunday, April 01, 2018
Children's Museum of Houston
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  • Freshman Design
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Deirdre Hunter
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  • OEDK
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Matthew Wettergreen
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  • OEDK
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Children's Museum of Houston

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