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  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Oi, Savva is an Electrical Engineering freshman from Martel. Savva comes from Russia, where he spent most of his childhood riding his polar bear Mal’ysh and building highly classified objects that he wasn't allowed to mention here. After getting mostly theoretical education (math analysis), this Russian-Lithuanian beast moved to Princeton, NJ to focus on infiltrating American Space Industry from the inside by launching a CubeSat satellite to the orbit, sending his code to the Space Station, and building solar sensors. In his pursuit, he got closer to NASA’s JSC in Houston and now appears to stay under their radar.
In addition to OEDK, Savva recently joined a neuro-engineering lab RNEL to help find more violent ways of killing mice. He loves tinkering, skateboarding, making generative art with Processing, wood engravings, and listening to Jazz and Classic Rock. Don't be shy, come and talk to me about Arduino, Form 2, Epilog Last, imbedded systems, or your circuits!
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  • Laser Cutter Room
  • Wet Lab/3D Printing Room
  • Wood Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Supplies Closet
  • Electronic Supplies Closet
Electrical Engineering

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