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Neonatal Apnea Monitor for the Developing World


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Breath Alert
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Neonatal Apnea Monitor for the Developing World
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Apnea is common in premature infants, who often lack the neurological and muscular development to breathe correctly on their own. Nearly half of 12 million premature babies born in developing countries experience apneic episodes; cost, power, and personnel constraints in these settings motivated a desire to tackle this problem at a ward-based level, easing the burden on overworked healthcare professionals and providing long-term patient respiratory data to doctors. To solve this problem, Team Breath Alert has developed a low-cost, robust sensor to reliably detect respiratory rate of premature infants and monitor for apneic instances.
Beyond Traditional Borders, HHMI grant
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Maria Oden
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Gary Woods
Award(s) and Recognition
Rice 360 2012 Undergraduate Global Health Design Competition: 1st Place Overall

Rice Undergraduate Venture Challenge: 1st Place

NCIAA BMEstart 2012: 1st honorable mention

NIBIB DEBUT Challege: 1st Honorable Mention

3rd Annual Rice Alliance Und
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