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2011-2012 Team
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Cells in 3D
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Design Challenge
Using magnetized cells, researchers at Nano 3D Biosciences, Inc. have developed a method to culture cells into spheroid structures that are more physiologically relevant with regards to gene expression, cell signaling, and morphology. However, with the development of 3-D cell cultures, many more issues of sample handling have yet to be resolved.Thus, our overall objective is to create a magnetic pen that can levitate and transfer a 3-D cell culture between petri dishes, wells or plates.
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Design Summary
Cells in 3D has designed the Mag-Pen™, a magnetic pen to manipulate cells grown in 3D. This pen will be optimized for the Bio-Assembler™ system, designed by Nano3D Biosciences, Incorporated (n3D). Two pens have been designed; one for single well manipulation and one for multi-well manipulation in 96 well culture plates. The current device prototype is easy to use and serves its functions in single wells to transfer cells and eject tips (similar to pipette tips) for sterility. After maunufacturing (presumably by n3D), durability testing should be performed, and then the device will be ready for commercial use. Updated 4/26/2012
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Dr. Rob Raphael
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Dr. Maria Oden
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Accepted to the Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference, to be held May 4-6.

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