Helping Hands at Work and Play (14)

Created on: Thursday, December 08, 2011
Photos of RHH throughout the year
  • Brandon, our junior observer, working at OEDK.
  • Lawrence doing some exercises between calibration runs.
  • Elevator Pitches- Great job Leslie!
  • Testing the arm restraint at the CP clinic
  • RHH at the Senior Holiday Reception
  • Kurt and Lawrence "Oliver" trying on Dr. Gogola's hand restraints.
  • Having fun with rice and quinoa!
  • Jessica and Jenna testing the arm restraint vacuum bags.
  • Allison and Kurt working at OEDK.
  • We use our IV pole as a coat hanger!
  • End of semester dinner at Ra Sushi
  • The girls at Sprinkles Cupcakes (the boys refused to take a picture)
  • Rice Helping Hands stops for a team picture.
  • Jenna and Jessica work on attaching MALCOLM to the table. (Photo Credit: Rice Thresher)

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