Emergency Eyewash in Microgravity


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Emergency Eyewash in Microgravity
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Terrestrial emergency eyewash relies heavily upon a gravity vector for correct operation. In space or in a lunar environment, the gravity vector is either not present or reduced which presents significant challenges to eyewash operation. This project will create a gravity vector independent eyewash that will: 1) Comply with ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2009 eyewash standards (to as large an extent as possible) 2) Contain/Eliminate excess fluids
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Design Summary
To address the above problem, Team Helios has opted to utilize a goggle design, similar to NASA's current Shuttle Emergency Eyewash. The team's innovation comes in the form of utilizing the space toilet to apply suction to the device, helping contain rinse water and reducing the number of operators required to one. Helios is currently in the prototyping and testing phase, with the final device scheduled to be demoed in April.
Texas Space Grant Consortium
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Matthew Wettergreen
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Brent Houchens
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Texas Space Grant Consortium Design Challenge 2011 - Prizes in Five Categories:
Best Concept Down Selection, Best Team Patch Design, Best Team Management, and Forum Favorite; 2nd Place for Presentation

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