Building a low-cost pot that optimizes heat transfer


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Building a low-cost pot that optimizes heat transfer
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Even in the modern age, around 3 billion people still use basic cookstoves and open fires for cooking. 4 million deaths a year, primarily women and children, can be traced to home pollution stemming from these cooking methods. With no effective way of introducing clean energy solutions to a vast majority of rural areas, improving the efficiency of traditional cooking methods will help mitigate adverse health conditions and early deaths, environmental degradation, and societal inequities associated with the use of wood and biomass to fuel open fires. Currently, the problem is that most pots in use are selected based on the basic cooking needs and budget of the family, rather than efficiency and safety, and improving the efficiency of the pot itself is difficult without upgrading to more expensive materials that the affected populations aren’t capable or willing to pay for. The overall goal is to build a pot that can cook or heat on an open fire with less energy input than ever before.
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Sunday, December 06, 2020
Carolyn and Harrell Huff
  • Global Health Technologies
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Andi Gobin
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  • RICE 360
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Matthew Elliott
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  • MECH
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Dr. Robert
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Public Invention
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Collaborative Capstone Design

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