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Production of Urea from Shale Gas in the Tarim Basin


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TBF Engineering
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Production of Urea from Shale Gas in the Tarim Basin
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The provincial government in the Tarim Basin has been approached by a gas developer to enter into a contract where the provincial government would be given a portion of the shale gas reserve in return for allowing the gas developer to drill and recover the entire shale gas reserve. The provincial government has come to us to assist them in using their portion of the reserve, while addressing potential issues including: water wells are poisoned; water wells catch fire; earthquakes have occured where shale gas fracturing was ongoing; fracturing water is loaded with poisons and the drillers will foul the rivers and streams; fracturing water demand is high and driller will take all available water in the area to conduct their drilling and return only brackish water; drilling operations, gas processing and pipelining of product natural gas leads to poisonous, flammable and green House Gas air emissions destroying the air and quality of life for local residents.
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  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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Dr. Kenneth Cox

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