Pediatric Goniometer

Improved Goniometer


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2011-2012 Team
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Pediatric Goniometer
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Improved Goniometer
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Despite the frequent use of joint angle measures for orthopedic treatment (therapy, prosthetics, and surgeries), the two types of goniometers, universal and electronic, either take inconsistent measurements as a result of their 5º error and require multiple people to use, or are too costly (>$60) for widespread use. A more effective goniometer will allow for doctors, physical therapists, orthotists, and other practitioners to spend time more efficiently with patients. This low-cost (<$40) device will fit in a physician pocket, improve on the accuracy of joint-angle measurements by allowing for a maximum of 5% error in measurements, and increase the simplicity of its use to a one-hand procedure.
Hanger Orthopedics
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Dr. Matthew Wettergreen

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