Solar Powered Periodic Blood Pressure Measurement System


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Solar Powered Periodic Blood Pressure Measurement System
Design Challenge
Periodic, or ambulatory, blood pressure (BP) monitoring is difficult for health care providers in the developing world due to high patient volume and lack of trained staff. Further, current electronic BP monitoring devices that would alleviate this burden are cost-prohibitive and difficult to run and maintain in the long term. Given this challenge, our team of bioengineering senior design students will improve upon existing products to create an inexpensive, self-powered, ambulatory BP monitoring device that is easily employed and maintained. This device will feature an auditory and visual alarm, custom monitoring and vital ranges, and rechargeable solar batteries.
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Design Summary
Currently, Team Sphygmo has completed the Mark IV prototype that is completely stand-alone and is powered using rechargeable batteries. Using the knobs built on the top of the case, a user can select the tolerance ranges for systolic, diastolic and heart rate values while setting the desired ambulatory time period. If any values are outside of those set ranges, the red LED next to the knobs will illuminate. In the next cycle, we aim to utilize the PCB to create our own LCD screen and display the values calculated from our algorithm; we also plan to build at least seven more prototypes to be brought to Malawi this summer. The final prototype of our solar recharging dock is completed and ready for deployment; it is capable of charging 4 AA batteries to full charge in the space of 36 hours of direct sunlight.

Modified as of April 13, 2013.
Beyond Traditional Borders
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Dr. Maria Oden
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Dr. I-Chih Tan
Award(s) and Recognition
3rd Annual Beyond Traditional Borders National Undergraduate Global Health Design Competition: 1st Place (tied)

2013 Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase: Student's Choice Award

2013 Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium: George R. Brown School

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