W.A.T.T. - Wind Accelerated Tactical Turbine

High Efficiency Low Profile Turbine for Energy Harvesting


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2012-2013 Team
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W.A.T.T. - Wind Accelerated Tactical Turbine
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High Efficiency Low Profile Turbine for Energy Harvesting
Design Challenge
Our design challenge is to build a miniature turbine that can be used to harvest energy. The system is primarily being design to be used with Air Force munition systems and must generate 8.3mW of power and be less than 5 cubic inches and 0.5 inches thick. The system must function in wind speeds up to 500 miles per hour.
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Design Summary
The WATT Initiator has been fully prototyped out of steel, aluminum, and delrin and meets all the criteria that has been set by the AFRL. It has a thickness of 0.5 inches and occupies a total volume of 3.47 cubic inches. It was able to generate over 650 mW in 90 mph airflow. It also had a 100% success rate when testing the deployment of the device.
Last updated: 4/30/2013
United States Air Force Research Lab
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  • Mechanical Engineering
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Andrew J. Dick
Award(s) and Recognition
2013 Engineering Design Showcase - Best Energy Related Design Project

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