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San Cristobal, Mexico
Shanghai, China

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About iSEED

Go beyond the hedges this summer to take engineering design courses in abroad in Gothenburg, Sweden or San Cristobal, Mexico or Shanghai, China!!

This Study Abroad opportunity will allow you to earn 6 credits in ~4 weeks in June as you immerse yourself into the local culture and interact with students and faculty from local universities and/or nonprofits. 

In the past we have done a pilot program in Gothenburg, Sweden in summer of 2019. READ ABOUT the students' experiences HERE!

iSEED Blogs from Sweden 

Program Consists of

  • 4 weeks in the Summer (approximately the month of June)

  • ~40 Hours per week
  • Housing expenses covered - plus some meals (shared apartment or dorm room)
  • Student responsible for tuition, travel and incidental expenses
  • Financial Aid could be possible for some students.  Please check with the financial aid office at Rice. 
  • Specific details, dates and the deadline to apply are the application below

Location and Courses 

Gothenburg, Sweden

Collaboration with Chalmers University, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture’s Dare2Build Program

6 credits over 4 weeks

  • ENGI 200 – Engineering Design Studio
  • ENGI 315 – Leading Teams and Innovation

Faculty: Matthew Wettergreen (for both classes)

Both courses count as required courses for the Engineering Design Minor

Goal: 8 students

Summary: Students do in-class instruction on the campus at Chalmers University for ENGI 355.  As part of the ENGI 200, students work side-by-side with Dare2Build students (graduate level architecture students and high school students) to work on and execute a design challenge. Curriculum focuses on engineering design and incorporated the immigrant community Hammarkullen. 

San Cristabol, Mexico

Collaboration with NEWT

6 credits over 4 weeks

  • ENGI 350 – Needs Identification and Design Implementation (tentative)
  • CEVE 314 – Sustainable Water Purification for the Developing World (tentative)

Faculty: Deirdre Hunter and Jorge Loyo

Two courses count as required courses for the Engineering Design Minor and possibly all three

Summary: Students will do in-class instruction on-site at local technical center.  Curriculum will incorporate interaction with students and a local charity working with NEWT,  as well as the Mexican culture.

Shanghai, China

Collaboration with Intel Corporation (and possibly Shanghai Joao Tong University)

6 credits over 4 weeks

  • ENGI 300 – Engineering Design Workshop (tentative)
  • ENGI 301 – Introduction to Practical Electrical Engineering (tentative)

Faculty: Gary Woods and Erik Welsh (tentative)

Both courses count as elective courses for the Engineering Design Minor and possibly ELEC Major

Goal: 8-12 students

Summary: Students will do in-class instruction on-site at the Intel campus in Shanghai.  Curriculum will incorporate interaction with professionals from Intel as well as the Chinese culture, with a focus on electrical engineering.


  • Acceptance/Application fee: $200
  • Tuition for 6 credits: $6000
  • Airfare: ~$1000-$1500 
  • Passport, if needed: $100-$150
  • Some meals, such as welcome dinner and closing dinner: Covered by Rice
  • Housing: Covered by Rice
  • Course Activities, Supplies and Field Trips: Covered by Rice
  • Local rail pass: Covered by Rice
  • Medical Insurance: Covered by student
  • Travel Medical Insurance: Covered by Rice
  • Incidentals and Meals: Covered by student
  • Approximate total cost for student: $8,000-$10,000*  

*costs may vary by location

Who Should Apply

Any student that could benefit from the courses listed above.  Those enrolled in the Engineering Design Minor could obtain 6 credits towards the minor.  Perquisites may be waived where appropriate. 

For more information, please contact

Amy Kavalewitz -

To apply for this summer experience, please fill out the form below.

Application coming soon

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