September 27

September 27 - Floating Platform
Challenge involved designing a floating platform to hold three marbles on top of an upside down plastic cup using only the materials provided.  The platform was placed in a water filled container and carried 20 feet.  Each team had up to two attempts to carry the container and platform with the fastest time and most marbles remaining on top of the cup.

WINNERS: Team #1, made up of Jonathan Zev - MEMS, Riya Fukui - CS and Tsz Yiu Anna Ng – SOSCI, won the $300 prize.
45 photo(s) Updated on: Friday, September 27, 2013
  • Winners Jonathan Zev, MEMS; Tsz Yiu Anna Ng, SocSci; and Riya Fukui, CS with Guest Timekeeper Mark Jernigan, Executive Director, Rice Space Institute
  • The winning team was: Jonathan Zev, MEMS; Riya Fukui, CS; and Tsz Yiu Anna Ng, SocSci.

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