About SEED 

The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen invites applications for a ~7- week engineering design program. Undergraduate students in engineering disciplines are eligible and invited to apply. The program, The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen Summer Experience in Engineering Design, provides an opportunity to work collaboratively in student teams developing innovative solutions for community and client-based projects. We are looking for students who are able to think and work creatively and collaboratively to enhance the exchange of ideas while employing physical prototyping strategies to complete design projects. Preference will be given to students with previous experience with the design process and prototyping solutions to engineering challenges. In this program, students will apply problem solving, critical thinking, design approaches, physical prototyping and team collaboration. This summer internship will include individual and team-based design work with student interns from various backgrounds.  If you are interested in become a TA for the SEED program, please fill out the SEED TA Application


Some examples of past projects that have been worked on in the summer program are: a negative pressure wound therapy device, a zipline chair for kids with disabilities, a decibel notification device for maker spaces, and an oxygen analysis device. This program is a collaboration between the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen and Rice 360 Global Health Institute. Funding for this program is supported by the OEDK, Rice 360 Global Health Institute, and Nest 360.

Program Consists of

  • 7 weeks in the Summer
  • 40 Hours per week
  • Financial stipend
  • Specific details, dates and the deadline to apply are in the application below

Who Should Apply

Undergraduate students in engineering majors who have previously taken ENGI 120 are strongly encouraged to apply. All others with design experience and an interest in engineering design should apply.

For more information, please contact Dr. Deirdre Hunter - hunterd@rice.edu or Dr. Matthew Wettergreen - 

To apply for this summer experience, please fill out the form below.

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