2014 Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Session
Thursday, April 17th - 4:30 - 7:00pm 
 Tudor Fieldhouse - Autry Court

Rice University

This showcase and competition highlights many of the school’s engineering design projects and represent our students’ success. The competition is open to all engineering design projects from each discipline of engineering. The evening will host 80+ judges made up of engineering alumni and local industry to help with the poster session competition.   The event will be open from 4:30-7:00pm to the public.  So everyone is welcome!! Awards will be announced around 6:30pm.  

Parking & Maps

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·        How do I get to Rice?
Rice's central Houston location is accessible by air, car and public transportation. For more detailed information, driving directions and maps, visit the How To Get Here page.

·        Where do I park once I get to Rice? 
Parking will be available in West Lot 1. Please enter using entrance 18 off Rice Boulevard or entrance 8 off University Boulevard and follow the signs. If needed, shuttle buses will be available to take you to the sites around the Rice Campus. For a map of the Rice campus parking areas please visit the Rice Maps page.

·        How do I get to Autry Court in Tudor Fieldhouse?
Tudor Fieldhouse is building number 75 on the Rice Map page.  Autry Court is directly through the main front entrance of Tudor Fieldhouse.


TOP Award:  

$5000           Excellence in Engineering: 1st Place Engineering Design Award for 2014

Top Level Awards: 

$1000           Excellence in Freshman Engineering Design Award- Teams must ONLY have freshman members

$1000           Excellence in Underclassman or Club Engineering Design Award- Teams must be 51%+ non senior students

$1000           Excellence in Capstone Engineering Design Award- Teams must be from a capstone engineering design course ( 2 Awards)

Category Awards:

$500             Best Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Award: Students on team must come from 2 or more disciplines

$500             Best Conceptual or Computational Modeling Engineering Design Award- Team must have NO physical prototype

$500             Best Global Health Technologies Engineering Design Award 

$500             Best Energy-Related Engineering Design Award 

$500             Best Health-Related Engineering Design Award

$500             Best Environment and Sustainability Engineering Design Award 

$500             Best Engineering Design Award for Research 

$500             Best Gaming, Creative or Innovative Technology Award 

Crowd Voted:

$400             Judges’ and Professors’ Choice Award 

$400             Students’ Choice Award

Contact us

Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen - Rice University

6100 Main Street MS 390 | Houston, Texas | 77005

Phone: 713.348.OEDK

Email: oedk@

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