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Green Ammonia Plant


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2015-2016 Team
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D.O.P.E. Engineering
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Green Ammonia Plant
Design Challenge
We were tasked with using our engineering knowledge to design a chemical plant that uses the 12 principles of green chemistry, is located outside of North America, and helps the local community.
Design Summary
Our design incorporates excess methane from waste water treatment and landfills in India and converts it into ammonia that can be used for fertilizer to benefit the local community. It adheres to the principles of green chemistry by reducing waste and harmful chemicals, using a renewable feedstock, and turning waste into something beneficial. Not only are we producing the fertilizer necessary to feed India's growing population, we are also reducing green house gas emissions from the city's waste. Our design also considers best industry practices such as heat integration and process optimization to create an efficient and cost-effective ammonia plant.
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Faculty Advisor 1 - Name
Kenneth Cox
Faculty Advisor 1 - Department
  • CHBE
Faculty Advisor 2 - Name
Richard Strait
Faculty Advisor 2 - Department
  • CHBE
Award(s) and Recognition
Best Computational Technologies for Health and Wellness Design, 2016 George R. Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Competition

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