Greener Fuel for East Africa


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Greener Fuel for East Africa
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The goal of the project is to design a plant in Tanzania that uses indigenous resources to produce fuel for railroad locomotives and trucks that would distribute coal throughout the region. The coal would then be used to replace the wood and charcoal currently being used. Locomotives and trucks currently operate on diesel fuel but dimethyl ether (DME) can be used as a substitute for motor fuel either blended with diesel or directly as fuel. In addition, DME can also be used to replace wood and charcoal used for heating and cooking. Currently forests are being cut down to provide these wood and charcoal resources in the region causing damage to the environment. Diesel fuel is typically very expensive in these countries and having a domestically produced alternative has many advantages.

Water in East Africa and the Horn of Africa is a precious commodity. Therefore, the fuels facility is water self- sufficient with the goal of no outside source of fresh water and if possible exportation of the water from the plant to provide drinking water and agricultural water to the local community. The plant will be located near the ocean, and seawater will be used for process purposes.
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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Kenneth Cox
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  • CHBE
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Other Senior Design

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