Pressure device for defibrillation pads


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2019-2020 Team
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Pressure device for defibrillation pads
Design Challenge
We were tasked to develop a user-friendly solution that allows Texas Heart Institute and all AED operators to apply pressure on defibrillator pads. Our team’s aim is to create a disposable device under $10 that can effectively defibrillate obese patients by pushing through a thick fat layer. This is to minimize trans-thoracic impedance, replacing the current method using saline solution bags which risks electrocuting operators.
Date Updated
Sunday, September 08, 2019
National Instruments Alumni
  • Freshman Design
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Matthew Wettergreen
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  • OEDK
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Dr. Sabia Abidi
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  • BIOE
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Dr. Medhi
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Texas Heart Institute
Team Type
Freshman Design

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