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Accessibility to Prosthetics


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2020-2021 Team
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Club: Rice e-NABLE
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Accessibility to Prosthetics
Design Challenge
Our objectives include:
‣ Initiate and execute team-based projects benefiting those with limb deficiencies within the greater Houston area;
‣ Foster communication among students and staff of Rice, e-NABLE as an international organization, and Houston recipients;

As members of the Rice community and the greater Houston area, we understand that through team-focused project design we can realize our goal of providing tangible prosthetic aid for juveniles and adults with limb deficiency. Specifically, these goals will be fulfilled by seeking and providing aid to those in need of prosthetics, consulting, and engaging the Rice community with interactive classes in relevant software as well as with collaborative prosthetic projects.
Design Summary
Rice e-NABLE is a student-run organization that designs and constructs 3D printed prosthetic assistive devices for juveniles and adults with limb deficiencies. Through Rice e-NABLE, undergraduate students can participate in altruistic design projects.

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Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
Rice University

6100 Main Street MS 390 | Houston, Texas | 77005

Phone: 713.348.OEDK


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