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Shoe Lift Design for Children with Leg Length Discrepency


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High Heel
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Shoe Lift Design for Children with Leg Length Discrepency
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Leg length discrepancy (LLD) is a problem that usually occurs in childhood, in which a child has legs that are different lengths. Causes of LLD vary from genetic conditions, infections, and radiation treatment for cancer. When the discrepancy exceeds 3.5-4% of the total leg length, children will suffer from complications like scoliosis, and hip, knee, and ankle problems. We aim to create a shoe lift that assists patients with LLD in daily movement.

During our client interview with Dr. Ghosn, we gained insight into specific metrics and issues that need to be solved with our shoe lift design. With this knowledge, we desire to create a modular shoe lift that can add 1 to 3 inches of height to a patient’s tennis / running shoe. The design will help the patient with balancing and offer sufficient grippage to surfaces while walking, as well as being removable and reappliable to a different shoe at any point. It could be modified to properly function with a shoe size ½ larger or smaller. The materials used will be unaffected by high temperatures and water, as well as being lightweight and durable enough to last approximately 1 year. Our final design will provide these qualities with a price between $200 to $250. We will also be given a $500 budget for prototyping in OEDK.
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Wednesday, September 08, 2021
Thomas D. & Pamela Riley Smith Endowment for the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
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