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Biopsy Robot
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EMPIRI has developed “E-Slice”, a novel 3D culture method to facilitate personalized drug response testing on patient tumor tissue slice samples by maintaining the tumor microenvironment, to obtain a more accurate sensitivity response. With 168 FDA oncology drugs and additional drug combinations tested on a patient’s biopsy, there is a need to automate the process to scale the company’s capability and deliver accurate and reliable results in a clinically actionable time frame. Moreover, the entire assay procedure from processing and slicing the patient’s tumor sample to placing them on floating membranes in well plates for testing is laborious, inefficient, and has a high potential for human error. To address this issue, the Preslicely team aims to design and prototype a functional biopsy handling robot that will automate tumor tissue preparation for drug sensitivity assaying, improving the efficiency, consistency, and reliability of EMPIRI’s manual process to save valuable patient biopsy and technician time.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2023
Anne Byrne
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  • Bioengineering
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Award for Excellence in Medical Device Innovation, Senior Design Showcase
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Collaborative Capstone Design

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