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Open-Source Control Board for Automotive Systems


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2022-2023 Team
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Automotive Electronics Retrofit Team
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Open-Source Control Board for Automotive Systems
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Electronics have taken over the automotive world, and new vehicles can truly be described as computers on wheels. Modern vehicles sometimes have hundreds of electronic modules. These control modules allow for advanced features that consumers have come to expect in their vehicles. However, due to the closed-source nature of these control modules, features associated with them have rarely been implemented in classic vehicles. A classic car might undergo an entire frame-off restoration costing as much as a new vehicle, yet it will not have features that come standard on new base model cars. The control board system I propose will allow for an open-source solution to implement such features in a classic vehicle.
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Friday, March 24, 2023
Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Trevas
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Independent Project

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