OEDK Student Access

For most student users, the OEDK will be accessible only via card access, with card access granted to those who have been authorized to use the facility.  Student card access to the OEDK will be limited to students who sign a contract governing the appropriate use of the facility.

A student can request approval for card access to the OEDK if they:

  • are taking a course that meets in the OEDK
  • are a member of a team working on an OEDK supported project defined below
  • are an undergraduate engineering student working with an engineering faculty member on a design project that supports a undergraduate engineering course.
  • are a graduate student in MECH who needs access to the OEDK machine shop for a research-related project as approved by the department
  • are an engineering graduate student working as a teaching assistant who needs access to the OEDK to work with engineering design teams in the OEDK

Only those students who fall into one or more of the above categories are eligible to request use OEDK resources such as the project work benches, the machine shop, the computational lab, conference rooms or the rapid prototyping labs.

Students using OEDK based resources that fall into other groups- such as the SEA laser cutter should make arrangements to access the OEDK during working hours where staff can grant access.

Students that are involved in a for-profit or non-profit organization, that it are outside the realm of a Rice University course or university-approved student organization/club, MAY NOT use the OEDK resources to benefit that project or organization.

OEDK Supported Projects

To be an OEDK supported project, the project must be one of the following: 

  • A design project associated with an undergraduate engineering course, including design projects by undergraduate engineering students enrolled in independent study courses.
    • The professor for the course must let the OEDK know that their students will be using the OEDK for the course as early as possible, and in any case prior to the start of the semester in which the project begins.
  • An engineering design project that is a part of a student club that is registered with the Student Activities Office at Rice and which
    • Includes at least one engineering undergraduate student AND
    • Includes a Rice University faculty or staff member as the club’s sponsor
  • A research project from a Rice research lab that includes a design component that is being designed and built by one or more undergraduate student(s).

  • Projects that are part of a publicized competition that includes design components that are being designed and built by one or more undergraduate student(s) AND is lead by a Rice faculty or staff member.

Priorities for granting access to the OEDK are in the order listed above. Design projects that are part of courses will have priority in gaining access to resources such as team tables.

From time to time, OEDK access may be granted for other engineering design education purposes on a trial basis, with the approval of the OEDK Director and the Dean. Users of the OEDK under these trial activities will be expected to pay a fee for access to the OEDK facility, resources, supplies and tools. Current sponsorship of design teams is $2000 per semester and $1500 in the summer. 

To obtain access, students must review Safety Guidelines and THEN complete the OEDK STUDENT Safety Quiz.

Facility Access for Faculty and Staff

To obtain access all Faculty and Staff  must meet the criteria below,  review Safety Guidelines and THEN complete the FACULTY and STAFF Safety Quiz before obtaining ID access to the OEDK.

Faculty and Staff can request access through if they:

  • Teaching a course in the OEDK
  • Mentoring student teams in the OEDK
  • Working on events at the OEDK
  • Conducting tours at the OEDK
  • Participating in other approved activities in the OEDK (e.g., outreach workshops)

Faculty and Staff Safety Quiz

Wet Lab Access

For Wet Lab Access, please follow ALL of the procedures found through the button below.

Wet Lab Access

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