Labor Day Weekend    |    August 31 - September 1, 2019    |    Rice University

Assistive Devices for Adults and Children with Disabilities

Open to ALL RICE undergraduate and graduate students!!

Work with students from other institutions!  WIN PRIZES!

OEDK INNOVATE BUILDRice is a student-run engineering design competition similar to the traditional code-based hackathon. Teams of 3-5 students will compete to design, prototype and present the best device in categories to solve a real world problem in disabilities. Each student team will have the duration of the Design-a-Thon and the physical and human resources of the OEDK to develop their solution over the course of the weekend. Any questions, please contact Kevin Peng at

This year's focus will be developing assistive devices for adults and children with disabilities.

REGISTER TODAY!! Limited spots available!
Registration Deadline: Thursday, August 29th - 8PM

DEFINE a challenge

Students will listen to expert panelist discuss challenges in the area of assistive devices for adults and children with disabilities. Together with their team and advising mentors, a challenge will be defined.

DESIGN a solution

Students will take the defined challenge and use the foundation of design cycles to develop solutions to the challenge. Drawings and low-fidelity prototyping will be used to bring their ideas to fruition.

BUILD a prototype

Students will use the expertise and tools in the OEDK to build a working prototype to provide a solution for the challenge. Mentors will be available for advice and direction.

PRESENT a device

Students will use coaching to develop a presentation to present to a panel of judges. A rubric will be used to score the prototype and the presentation. 

MAKE a difference!

Agenda Overview:

  • Friday night, August 30th - teams gather for dinner to explore and identify challenge for the weekend. Teams will hear from experts and possibly potential clients.  Panelists and some Mentors required, Other Mentors and Judges encouraged to attend.

  • Saturday all day, August 31st - teams work to design and develop prototypes of their concepts; get guidance from mentors. Mentors required at designated times.

  • Sunday day, September 1st- teams finalize their prototypes, get presentation coaching and present to a panel of judges for a cash prize. Judges required, Mentors and Panelists encouraged to attend.


Download Agenda   (coming soon)

Agenda subject to change - Locations subject to change

Friday, August 30th

Need to be present


4:30 PM
Arrival and Check-in, Dinner buffet opens Panelists & Mentors / Students OEDK 114
5:15 PM
Design-a-thon opening remarks Panelists & Mentors / Students OEDK 114
5:30 PM
Presenters speak Panelists & Mentors / Students OEDK 114
6:10 PM
Team and Mentor table discussion Panelists & Mentors / Students OEDK 114
6:45 PM
Panelist Q&A Panelists & Mentors / Students OEDK 114
7:30 PM
Closing remarks Panelists & Mentors / Students OEDK 114
8:00 PM

Saturday, August 31st

Need to be present


8:30 AM
Arrival and Check-in, Continental breakfast available Students OEDK 114
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks Students OEDK 114
9:15 AM
OEDK design and build time begins Students OEDK

Lab Assistant support begins Students OEDK
12:00 PM
Lunch available Students OEDK
3:00 PM
Mentor advising begins Mentors / Students OEDK
5:00 PM
Dinner available Mentors / Students OEDK
6:00 PM
Mentor advising ends (staying longer is optional) Mentors / Students OEDK
8:00 PM
Lab Assistant support ends Students OEDK
11:00 PM
OEDK design and build time closes Students OEDK

OEDK CLOSED - all participants must exit Students OEDK

Sunday, September 1st

Need to be present


9:00 AM
OEDK design and build time begins Students OEDK

Continental breakfast available Students OEDK
10:00 AM
Presentation coaching available Students / Coaches OEDK
11:00 AM
Lunch available Students / Coaches OEDK
1:00 PM
OEDK design and build time closes Students OEDK

ALL tables must be cleaned and material/tools put away Students OEDK
1:15 PM
Opening remarks Judges / Students Brockman 101
1:30 PM
Presentations - Device pitches Judges / Students Brockman 101
3:30 PM
Scores tallied - Awards announced Judges / Students Brockman 101
4:00 PM
Adjourn - Design-a-thon Over! Judges / Students Brockman 101


  1. The competition is open to Rice University undergraduate and graduate students, as well as invited students from various medical institutions nearby.

  2. All team members must be present and actively participating during the entire duration of the competition. If one or more team members is absent then teams may have to forfeit and team members may be assigned to other teams.

  3. All designs must be original. Plagiarism is prohibited.

  4. All students MUST review the safety materials and watch the OEDK Safety Video prior to prototyping in the OEDK. These will be presented on the Saturday morning portion of the competition. Taking the safety quiz and applying for official OEDK access is not required to gain access to the OEDK for this event.

  5. Students may NOT bring any materials, supplies, equipment etc. to the competition. Computers with engineering software will be available to all teams. Personal laptops WILL be permitted and MAY be brought into the OEDK to be used during the duration of the competition.

  6. Entire prototype MUST be built using only materials, supplies and equipment available in the OEDK.

  7. The materials and supplies will be openly available to the teams to use at no cost.

  8. No teams or students will be required or allowed to buy any materials and supplies using personal funds.

  9. Be mindful of the limited stock of materials and supplies. Try to only take what you need and return unused items when it is determined it is not needed.

  10. Be mindful of time on the limited OEDK equipment. Only begin using the equipment when the file/part design is complete and ready to be executed.

  11. All participants must respect the instructions of the competition staff, faculty, lab assistants, volunteers and especially technicians. These leaders should be easy to identify.


Any questions, please contact Kevin Peng at


Teams will consist of 3-5 undergraduate or graduate students. ALL participants must register by the deadline prior to the event. 

Incomplete teams will be paired up at the Friday dinner.

Any questions, please contact Kevin Peng at


Judges will score each team.

Pitches are between 3-4 minutes long – including prototype demo for judges

Teams will be scored between 1-10, with 10 being the best, on each of the following: 

Challenge Definition

Prototype Design (score counted 2x)


Overall average wins top prize.

Prizes will be given in each of these Categories:

  • First Place – Top Prize
  • Best Prototype Design
  • Best Presentation
Teams are only eligible to receive one of the 3 prizes. If a team scores highest in more than one category, they will receive the highest prize available and any other prizes will go to the team(s) with next highest score.

In the event of a tie, the judges  will consult each other and decide between the tied teams, which one will be the winner for each prize.

We will offer the following options to the judge scoring:

  • Judges enter the scores themselves as each team competes using their own device or one provided for them.
  • Someone is assigned to sit with the judge and enter the score as each team competes.
  • Judges enter the scores on paper and someone enters the scores at the end of the competition.


Though many of you know where we are located, just in case you don’t, please see the details below about location and parking:


Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (Building No. 31)
Brockman Hall (Building No. 72)
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005

Click here for Driving Directions to Rice University

Click here for a Map of Rice University


Visitor parking will be available is available in the North Lot*. This is the parking lot directly across from the OEDK front doors, which is near Entrance 21.  The parking lot entrance is located on the right, after you enter Entrance 21 off of Rice Blvd.  You will need a credit card to enter the visitor lot.  We will have parking validations available.  Parking validation instructions: Upon leaving the event, insert the parking validation first, and then the same credit card that was used to enter the parking lot. This will credit your card for the parking charge and release the gate.

*(Signs may say it is visitor parking only for specific times, but we made arrangements for it to be visitor parking for the whole event). 

Click image to enlarge - Click HERE to print the location map.


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Any questions, please contact Kevin Peng at

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