Introduction to Engineering Design

ENGI 120-220/FWIS 188

ENGI 120-220/FWIS 188 is an introductory course taught face-to-face in the OEDK offered in both fall and spring. In this class students work in multi-disciplinary teams to design and build solutions to authentic real-world challenges. These projects allow Rice students to discover the importance and relevance of engineering by solving contemporary problems whose solutions benefit clients or society directly. 

Since inception of the course in spring 2011, ENGI 120 teams have tackled more than 200 real-world problems! This has included clients such as the Houston Zoo, several museums, Shell Oil, Wilson Elementary School (HISD), Shriners Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, and many others.  Students have developed products that have been deployed to the community.  

For example:

  • Students designed and built a machine to create 16 mm analog film stock for Rice's Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts (READ MORE).
  • Designed for pediatric patients in the developing world, students designed and built a device that limits the flow of IV fluid from a 1-L bag; this devise is being field tested in Malawi (READ MORE).
  • In collaboration with the Houston Zoo, student teams designed and built a new giraffe hay feeder and a puzzle feeder for the orangutans (READ MORE).

The course content of ENGI 120-220/FWIS 188 sections is identical. ENGI 120-220 does not fulfill the FWIS requirement or carry D3 credit. This spring, the three credit hour course will be offered T/TH 10:50 am and 1:00 pm. Max enrollment per section on ENGI 120 -220 is 25 students, and for FWIS 188 is 16 students.  For questions, email Engineering Design Coordinator at

Check out student teams in action:

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