Room Reservation Policies

General policies for using any room in the OEDK

  • So long as you clean up your mess, eating or drinking in the OEDK in all rooms, except the Computer Lab, Machine Shop, and Wet Lab, is allowed. 

  • There is a refrigerator in the student lounge that you can use for food or beverages. Please mark your food items with your name and date. Anything that is not clearly marked will be considered a free-for-all. 

  • Please remove any and all items brought into the room. This specifically refers to any large amounts of trash such as lunch boxes, food trays, drinks, etc.
  • If you have written anything on the window or a white board in the room and you do not want it erased, please write a note next to the markings stating "DO NOT ERASE UNTIL [Date]". If you do not do this, housekeeping will more than likely clean these areas.


Using the Classroom or Computer Lab

Use of classroom and computer lab for class is limited to engineering design courses
These rooms may be reserved for Rice undergraduate engineering design courses on a first come, first served basis with the director resolving   issues of conflict with the goal of best using the space for furthering the mission of undergraduate engineering education.
The classroom and computer lab may be reserved for single event use for events that are part of undergraduate engineering design efforts.

Conference Rooms

May be reserved for undergraduate engineering student teams for team meetings.
May be reserved for presentation coaching of undergraduate engineering design teams.
While design teams that have reserved the space have priority at all times, the conference rooms may be used without reservations, by any design team or faculty for the purposes of working on undergraduate engineering design projects. Users without reservations should always first verify that the conference room is not reserved, and be prepared to relinquish the room to users with reservations at any time.
These conference rooms may not be reserved for regular class meetings.

Teleconference Room

All guidelines for the regular conference rooms apply.
Use of the teleconference room is limited to engineering design project work
This room is appropriate for larger groups (up to 12-14 people).
This room is equipped for teleconferences. Users are responsible for getting trained in how to conduct the teleconference phone.
This conference room may not be reserved for regular class meetings except with special permission and justification.

Special Events

The OEDK may be used for special School of Engineering events as approved by the director and the Dean of Engineering Office. These events should not interfere with educational use of the facility.

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