Work Tables

Work Table Guidelines

  • Work Space in the Design Kitchen is for your use in completing an engineering design project.
    • Priority is given in the following order:
      • Capstone Design Projects
      • Design Projects in other courses
      • Student groups doing engineering design projects with an engineering school advisor
      • Independent projects with OEDK approval
  • Your team is responsible for keeping your work area neat and returning all tools to their proper location at the end of each work session.

  • You should secure all valuable team items at your table. Obtain a lock from an OEDK Staff Member to secure your team supplies. You MUST use a lock provided by the OEDK

  • Failure to comply with either of the following guidelines by the deadline that will be publicized at the Design Kitchen and emailed to each team will result in a hold on your account and will mean you cannot graduate, register for classes, obtain transcripts, etc.
    • Tools and equipment will be available for your team to check out for the semester or year. Other tools are for everyone’s use and should be returned at the end of each work session. You are responsible for the safe return of checked out items when your design project is completed. If a piece of equipment is damaged or lost, you must report it immediately.

    • In the event of extreme negligence with the equipment, a financial penalty up to, but not in excess of, the cost to repair or replace the equipment, will be enacted and shared by all members of the team.

    • You must clean up your work area when your design project is completed. It should be as neat as when you obtained it. Work with the OEDK technicians to return all tools and surplus supplies.

    • The specific requirements to remove the hold on a students account will be dealt with on a case by case basis. It is our intent in enacting this rule to have all equipment returned in good condition and all work areas vacated and neat. Once these conditions are met, all holds will be removed.
  • Open tables will be available for others to use and will be clearly labeled and marked with green tape. Tables must be cleaned before and after EACH use regardless if they are an assigned or open table.

In the event that you do not comply with the guidelines your privileges to use the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen may be rescinded.


    To get a work table ALL DESIGN TEAMS must do the following:
    • FIRST fill out a Team Profile Form on the website (if your team does not already have one).
      • Each team should create TEAM EMAIL address in Gmail prior to filling out the form and use that email address on the form.  After the form is submitted and approved, the team will then have a team login using their team email address and a password they generate themselves.
      • To create a team profile the team will have to enter a short description and thumbnail image of their team or project. THIS DESCRIPTION AND THUMBNAIL WILL GO ONLINE SO YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO QUALITY.

    • Login into the OEDK website and go to Team Resources

    • Fill out the Work Table Request form and submit

    • Tables are assigned in a first-come first-served basis with Design Courses taking priority. It may take a week or two before your table is assigned, so please be patient. It is possible that work table assignments may change as the year progresses.


    Single semester teams are required to clean up their work space and check out at the end of each semester. Year long teams and clubs are required to clean up and check-out at the end of the spring semester. Summer programs must also clean up and check-out at the end of the program. 

    2023-2024 CLEAN-UP DAYS:

      • FALL 2023             December 4 - December 12 at 3:00 PM
      • SPRING 2024        April 22 - April 30 at 3:00 PM
      • SUMMER 2024     Varies by program

      Instructions for OEDK Work Table Clean-up

      1. Teams AND Clubs may start cleaning up at ANY TIME before the clean up deadline and have their table inspected by an OEDK technician.
      3. After a team/club feels like their table is clean and all their tools, supplies etc. have been put away, they must submit a Team Work Table Checkout Form to have an OEDK technician inspect the table and sign-off that the team has met the cleaning criteria. The team/club does not need to be present for this. If any issue still persists, your team will be notified via email. Until you have officially checked out… you are not finished.

      Cleaning criteria includes the following:

      • Work Table – The table and all levels of shelves and cabinetry should be cleaned off and wiped down. Cleaning supplies are available at the cleaning stations. If applicable, all shelves should be cleaned off and computers should be logged off.
      • Cabinets – If your team/club has a black cabinet, please remove all items from the cabinet or drawers and wipe down the cabinet inside and out including the top with cleaner. Please remove any labeling on the cabinet and return your lock to an OEDK staff member or lab assistant.
      • Stools – Wipe down with cleaner and push underneath your table.
      • Floorspace – Clean up and remove trash and boxes from your floorspace.
      • Tools and Supplies– Please return all tools and unused supplies to their designated return supply area/bin. If you are unsure of where something goes, ask.
      • Equipment – ALL checked out equipment, such as NI equipment, multimeters and laptops, must be returned and signed back in by an OEDK staff member or lab assistant. If your team needs to hold onto the equipment past the deadline for any reason, please let us know.
      • Wet Lab or other areas – Remove all items left in the OEDK Wet Lab, Classroom Closet, Woodshop, Loading Dock or other areas and clean off and wipe down the work areas.
      • Project Sheet – remove and recycle the team’s project sheet.

      *** For those of you that want legal fine print…Don’t make your class professor have to hear from us that your table is not clean… they may have to come do it themselves and that may make them grouchy- right before they have to assign your grade! Most design faculty are requiring table clean up and will not submit your grades until you have checked out of your OEDK table and obligations. For non-seniors.. you jeopardize your ability to get a table in the future if you do not clean up well. Plus we work to make it fun…so please participate!

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