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Longboard Holster Design Project


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2014-2015 Team
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Holster Hotshots
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Longboard Holster Design Project
Design Challenge
Longboards are heavy and cumbersome to carry while holding other objects. Our goal is to design a backpack-independent holster that provides commuters with hands-free carrying, does not require attachment every time the user gets off the board, and takes less than ten seconds to use. The main obstacle is that longboards are highly customizable. The holster we design must be compatible with longboards of all shapes and sizes. The target consumers for the project are commuters using longboards, specifically college students.
Design Summary
Our final design solution is an adjustable strap that is attached via deck bolts underneath the longboard. To carry their longboard, users loosen the strap and toss the strap over their shoulder like a gym bag. To ride their longboard with the design attached, users tighten the strap taut underneath the board to prevent the strap from dragging on the road. We chose this design because of its speed, simplicity, and aesthetic integration with the board.
Tim Dehne
  • Freshman Design
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Dr. Andrew Dick
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  • MECH

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