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Induced Exhalation Device
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the most common form of lung disease and afflicts 329 million people. Team Aura is designing a novel, non-invasive device to improve the quality of life for individuals with COPD and other related respiratory illnesses. Our solution will aid with everyday tasks for respiratory disease patients and expand treatment options for medical practitioners.
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This semester, the team has undergone a project pivot. After researching and multiple doctor and professor meetings, our original concept of negative pressure will not be used. Our team has come up with a new project for COPD patients and has begun prototyping our new project.

Our current prototyping direction is to create a passive breathing monitor that alerts patients before they have a COPD exacerbation. The device is wearable and non-invasive and will have wireless transmitting of data to a processing unit.

Recently, our team has set up a data acquisition system that can detect breaths per minute (BPM) of patients. The device needs to be further tested and optimized for sleeping trials and exacerbation detection. We have also made steps towards making our device wireless and we plan to have a completely wireless system in the next few weeks.

Our team has just finished testing our design features and analyzing our results. We plan to perform more analysis and finalize our prototype & documentation as we all prepare for graduation. The device should continue on as a project Fall of 2015 with the GMI master's track.
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Saturday, May 02, 2015
Dr. Mehdi Razavi (Texas Heart Institute)
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Dr. Eric Richardson
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3rd Place Elevator Pitch Competition - November 2014
Best Computational Technology for Health & Wellness - Design Showcase April 2015
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