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Hands Omni
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Hands Omni
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The goal of this project is to explore various ways to achieve non-vibration tactile finger feedback, and to build a preliminary prototype of a proposed standalone device. The prototype can include a control circuit board (and firmware) that serves as an interface between the haptic device and a PC, which can be used to control and monitor the device's performance.
Design Summary
We have chosen to dive into a path of pneumatic actuation for individual fingers. Our design consists of 3D printed supply air bladders, finger bladders, and 1/16" tubing between them. The supply bladders are compressed with a servo motor and cam attachment which forces a small displacement of air into a bladder underneath the users finger. We are also utilizing micro-valves that can direct flow from the supply bladders to the finger bladders. This allows us to use only one servomotor to actuate all five fingers. This additionally allows for full range of griping motions, as any finger can be actuated independent of the others. The entire apparatus fits on the forearm and can be wirelessly controlled.
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03 May 2015
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Sunday, May 03, 2015
Virtuix, OEDK
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Dr. O'Malley
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