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Vaccination interventions have proven effective in reducing the global burden of infectious disease. Many vaccinations are transported internationally in a lyophilized form that extends their viability. Vaccine reconstitution is a complex multistep process that requires multiple comments and detailed training. The goal of our team is to simplify and improve the current process of vaccine reconstitution.
Design Summary
Our proposed solution is to develop a single-dose pre-filled reconstitution and injection device. This device will be made up of two components containing the diluent and vaccine in separate compartments. The combination of these two components will combine the vaccine and diluent allowing reconstitution to take place immediately before patient vaccination.

The mechanism that will be used to connect the vaccine and diluent compartments has been prototyped through 3D printing. So far testing of the device has proved promising, with this new device taking almost half the time to use as the vial system. We have also demonstrated 85% efficiency of vaccine delivery from this device, which is on par with other single use injection devices.

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Sunday, May 03, 2015
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Dr. Richardson
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Dr. Oden
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2nd place overall- National Undergraduate Global Health Technologies Design Competition

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