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Sith Putter
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Sith Putter
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Team Sith Putter aims to design a fully-integrated, blade-style training putter with tactile and auditory real-time feedback to the user to help golfers improve their putting. Specifically, we designed a putter head ourselves in which we can implement accelerometers to provide data to a microprocessor which processes the information inside the putter handle. After processing the data in the handle, the microprocessor will provide vibratory and auditory feedback to the user through the putter handle and will send the putting data through Bluetooth communication to a smartphone which will then display the important information regarding the backstroke, tempo, and force with which the golfer putts. All of the electronics are incorporated in a putter which we designed ourselves. We provide a putter head with a face insert that complies with USGA regulations. The design induce pure forward roll and yield consistent reaction off the putter face independent of where the ball strikes the putter head.
Design Summary
The sith putter will give real-time feedback to customers to train them to putt better.

1. Accurate feedback
To give accurate feedback, we have sensing system with 2 accelerometers inside the putter head to collect data on the following parameters of each putt: tempo, backstroke distance, impact, direction change, contact point on the header face. Once the stroke begins, the data is to be processed and sent to a feedback system in the handle. Speaker ticks like metronome to give personalized tempo for customers. Vibration module gives tactile feedback if the user hits the ball off-center. We calibrated the system to minimize delay time and improve accuracy of feedback. The putter also has a laser that can project a line to help user aim to putt in square.

2. Integrated system
To have a fully integrated system all electronics are inside the putter. Sensors are to be located in the putter head, and other electronics will be embedded in the handle. The battery life is about 10 hours, enabling users to putt with a reasonably long time. The use of three AAA batteries can let user choose between rechargeable and replaceable batteries. We built a PCB by modifying the design of TI TIVA launchpad to fit in the handle.

3. Mechanical design
Based on client needs the putter will be blade style and will utilize an enlarged putter grip. In order to conform to USGA standards and maximize performance of the putter the loft angle should be between 70 and 73 degrees, the lie angle should be between 0 and 3 degrees, and the weight of the putter head should be 350 grams. To provide forgiveness on an off centered put, a face insert will be designed and perimeter weighting in the putter head will be utilized. The material for for the putter needs to be non-magnetic so that it does not interfere with the sensors. Based on this need it will be aluminum with ajustable tungsten wieghts.

4. Mobile application
A smartphone mobile app will be designed to collect data, analyze data, track performance, and share data. The mobile app will provide parameters collected from each putt: tempo, distance of backstroke, face angle at impact, contact point on the header face. The mobile app will analyze users' performance to give detailed feedback to users. The BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) module is inside the handle and sends the accelerometer data and other parameters processed by the microprocessor. Now, our app can show accelerometer data and communicate with bluetooth module.
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Monday, May 04, 2015
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Ray Simar
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