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Wiscoyol Water Project


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2014-2015 Team
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Club: EWB Nicaragua II Team
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Wiscoyol Water Project
Design Challenge
The Wiscoyol Water Project aims to provide ready access to potable water to the rural community of Sector 2, Wiscoyol, Nicaragua. There are about 350 members in the community, and they currently obtain water manually via an old, shallow well. Getting to this well is difficult for some community members, as the walk takes up to fifteen minutes and involves crossing a dangerous highway. Furthermore, the well does not provide ample quantities of water to the community, and the water it provides has measurable levels of cholera and E. coli. The Nicaragua II Team aims to solve these problems by designing and implementing an automated water distribution system that will pump water from a clean source and distribute it to tapstands near community members' houses.
Design Summary
The system will pump water from an underground aquifer to a storage tank on top of a hill. It will then gravity-feed water to the community through a system of distribution pipelines. The community will have access to water at nine separate tapstand locations.
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Sunday, March 29, 2015
Herzstein Foundation, CH2M HILL, Chevron, Simpson Strong-Tie, Rotary Club of West University, Atkins, Rice Global Engineering & Construction Forum, GSI Environmental
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Pedro Alvarez
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