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Mechanical Release Device for Downhole Tool


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2015-2016 Team
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Control Release Team
Project Title
Mechanical Release Device for Downhole Tool
Design Challenge
When an oil and gas well is being serviced, tools on the end of the wireline can become stuck downhole. When this occurs, trying to pull the stuck tools free can lead to failure of the wireline. This failure requires time-consuming, expensive removal. The Kraken Release Tool will be a reliable and cost-effective solution to this problem. It's remotely controlled, electromechanical design will eliminate the possibility of wireline failure, reduce maintenance, and improve reliability associated with well intervention processes.
Date Updated
Sunday, February 21, 2016
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  • Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor 1 - Name
Matthew Elliot
Faculty Advisor 1 - Department
  • MECH

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Award(s) and Recognition
Best Energy-Related Engineering Design, 2016 George R. Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Competition
Rapid Prototyping Tools Used
  • Dimension 3D printer
  • Formlabs 3D printer
  • Soldering Station
  • Hand Tools
  • Wood Shop Saws
  • Machine Shop- Mill
  • Machine Shop Lathe
  • Machine Shop 3D CNC Mill
  • Machine Shop Band Saw
  • Machine Shop Drill Press
Facilities Used
  • Conference Rooms
  • Computer Lab or Computer Nook
  • Specialty Software
  • Printers/ Copiers
  • Wet Lab
  • Electronics Lab or Tools from Electronics Lab
Electronic Tools Used
  • LED
Software Used
  • Solid Works
  • Matlab
This project was sponsored by Schlumberger. The design work for this project was supported by the resources of the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen.

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