Increasing Compression Sock Patient Compliance


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2016-2017 Team
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Increasing Compression Sock Patient Compliance
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Chronic Venous Disorders (CVD) affect 128 million people in the United States. While applying compression through compression socks has proven to be an effective method to prevent blood stasis caused by CVD, this method suffers from patient noncompliance. Out of the patients who are prescribed medical-grade compression socks, 63% do not even use them, citing the difficulty to don and doff the socks as well as the discomfort associated with wearing them all day. Our project focuses on developing a durable, comfortable sock that can be easily donned and delivers the necessary amount of pressure to serve as therapy to mitigate the effects of CVD and reduce patient noncompliance.

Last Updated: 04/261/2017
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Clesi, LLC
  • Bioengineering
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Eric Richardson
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  • BIOE
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1st Place in the Eighth Annual Elevator Pitch Competition
People's Choice in the Eighth Annual Elevator Pitch Competition
People's Choice in the Rice Engineering Showcase and Poster Competition
Most Investable Design in the Bay Area Showcase

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