Mechanical Keyboard for Educational Electronics


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Mechanical Keyboard for Educational Electronics
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Keyboards are an indispensable tool to anyone using a computer. Although most people are content with the built-in keyboards on their laptops or standard office keyboards, there exists a community passionate about custom mechanical keyboards. Everything from the case, switches, keycaps, and even USB cables can be customized, and prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

My project has two goals: create a keyboard that looks, sounds, and feels great, and expand the basic keyboard functionality into a platform for learning about embedded systems and low level software. An online community of keyboard enthusiasts (r/mk on reddit) has almost 500 thousand members, and exploring different machining techniques and plate materials will benefit the custom keyboard community as a whole. My second goal is motivated by the lack of electronics innovation in keyboards. Current keyboards are mostly innovative based on mechanical parts even though many are powered by powerful microcontrollers such as the atmega32u4. I want to turn keyboards into a platform for learning about electronics and software concepts such as bootloading, GPIOs, and communication protocols.
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Monday, December 30, 2019
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Fernando Cruz
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