Galveston Bay Foundation Headquarters

Galveston Bay Foundation Headquarters


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2016-2017 Team
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Galveston Bay Foundation Headquarters
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Galveston Bay Foundation Headquarters
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The Galveston Bay Foundation has recently purchased 30 acres in Kemah on Galveston Bay. They intend to master plan the property and construct their new headquarters on the site. The bank has some erosion issues that need to be addressed. TxDOT is widening FM 146 and will be taking right-of-way to accommodate the improvements. The project is to master plan the use of the 30 acres and develop an environmentally sensitive building and amenities on the site that represents the values of the GBF. The foundation wants access to the water including a new dock. The erosion protection and shoreline restoration needs to not only protect against erosion, but serve as a bio-filter for the bay waters. There is a wastewater treatment plant just north of the site for which the GBF would like air quality from the plant to be controlled. Protection from hurricane surge is also required.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Charles Penland
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  • CEVE
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Philip De Blanc
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  • CEVE
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Galveston Bay Foundation

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