Development of defibrillation pads that breaks the skin impedance barrier


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2017-2018 Team
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Development of defibrillation pads that breaks the skin impedance barrier
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To improve defibrillator operation and increase survival rate in SCA patients, the modern world needs AEDs that can overcome the skin impedance barrier. Current AED products do not have a mechanism to do this and often require multiple shocks to successfully resuscitate a patient, wasting time, decreasing the likelihood of survival, and introducing complications. To solve this issue, we will focus on redesigning one component of the AED hardware - the defibrillator pads. A set of defibrillation pads that can bypass skin impedance will more effectively deliver energy to the heart, leading to a greater chance of successful defibrillation.
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Sunday, April 29, 2018
Texas Heart Institute
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  • Bioengineering
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Eric Richardson
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  • BIOE
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Gary Woods
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  • ECE
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Texas Heart Institute

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- Accepted into Design of Medical Devices (DMD) competition
- Accepted into Second Phase of the Student Design Competition at the ASAIO 64th Annual Conference
- 3rd place in the Advanced Health Systems track at the Johns Hopkins University Design Competition

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