Contractionally Obligated

Uterine Contraction Monitor for Low-Resource Settings


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2017-2018 Team
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Contractionally Obligated
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Uterine Contraction Monitor for Low-Resource Settings
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Monitoring of uterine contractions is critical to determining if labor is progressing in a way that is safe for both mother and baby and triggering an intervention if it is not. However, in low-resource settings like Malawi, nurses do not have access to commonly used uterine contraction monitoring techniques and are forced to palpate the abdomen with their hands to determine the rate of contractions. This is extremely time consuming and provides less accurate data than automated contraction monitoring techniques. We seek to develop an accurate, cost-effective device that nurses can use to monitor uterine contractions in Malawi.
Date Updated
Saturday, April 28, 2018
The design work for this project was supported by the resources of the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen.
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  • Global Health Technologies
  • Bioengineering
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Maria Oden
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  • BIOE
  • RICE 360
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Eric Richardson
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  • BIOE
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University of Texas Health Science Center

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2nd Place, Rice 360 Global Health Design Competition
Excellence in Design for Low Resource Settings, Rice Engineering Design Showcase
Winner, OEDK Design Showcase Best Technology for Low Resource Settings

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