Gastroschisis Treatment System for Uganda


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2017-2018 Team
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Gastroschisis Treatment System for Uganda
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Gastroschisis is a disease that affects predominantly premature newborns. These babies are born with their intestines hanging outside of the abdomen. In high-income countries, the survival rate for this disease is over 90%, since current treatment involves the use of effective silo bags. Silo bags are silicone bags that protect the intestines as gravity eases the organs back into the body. But silo bags cost $240 per bag, making this treatment difficult to access; so, in Uganda, the survival rate for gastroschisis is around 0%. We are developing a low-cost, more accessible alternative to these silo bags - our Si-Low bag.
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Monday, April 16, 2018
  • Global Health Technologies
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Dr. Meaghan Bond
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  • BIOE
  • RICE 360

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George R. Brown Excellence in Engineering 1st Place Design Award

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