Buoyancy Control System


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2018-2019 Team
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Buoyancy Control System
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Current water-based inspection robots become unstable when they vary their buoyancy. Our goal for this project is to create a soft-robotics solution that can control the buoyancy (depth) of the robot while maintaining its stability in oil tanks, not simply water. This buoyancy control system has potential to be used in multiple applications within autonomous underwater vehicles.
Design Summary
We will utilize electrolysis reactions (both forward and reverse) to change volume via chemical transformation between water and hydrogen/oxygen gases. These volume changes are captured in soft-robotics-inspired external bladders made of a latex material. The system can sense and adjust for depth and pitch of the overall robot during underwater missions.
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Fathi Ghorbel
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  • MECH
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Fathi Ghorbel
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Willy Revolution Award ($3500)

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