Load Launchers

Releasing a Payload from a Rocket at Apogee


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2019-2020 Team
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Load Launchers
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Releasing a Payload from a Rocket at Apogee
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We are challenged to design a device for the Rice Eclipse Rocket Team that will launch a 4"x 4" x 12", 8.8lbs payload when the rocket reaches its highest point. The Rice Eclipse Rocket Team competes in the Spaceport America Rocket Competition every year in June. In the competition, teams win by acquiring the most points, which can be earned for a variety of categories, including rocket design, quality of construction, and payload considerations. One of the current issues that Eclipse has is that they lose points because they lack a launchable payload. Our team, Load Launchers, is tasked with developing a device that is able to release and launch a payload from one of Eclipse’s competition rockets at its apogee.
REA - Rice Engineering Alumni
  • Freshman Design
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  • OEDK
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Dr. Wettergreen
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  • OEDK
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Rice Eclipse

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Freshman Design

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