Flood Fellas

Wireless Water Level Sensor for IoT Platform


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2019-2020 Team
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Flood Fellas
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Wireless Water Level Sensor for IoT Platform
Design Challenge
The goal of this project is to design a sensor node that can measure water level remotely from a structure (such as a street light or traffic light) that overhangs a road. Any technology such as optical, ultrasound, radar, lidar, stereo video (or combinations thereof) can be considered. Low-power radio connections to the cloud have already been developed, so we will focus on the sensor itself.
This project is sponsored by Carolyn and Harrell Huff. The design work for this project is supported by the resources of the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Gary Woods
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  • ECE

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Collaborative Capstone Design

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