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UFO (Universal Friendly Obturator) - A Novel Brachytherapy Applicator


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2019-2020 Team
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At Your Cervix
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UFO (Universal Friendly Obturator) - A Novel Brachytherapy Applicator
Design Challenge
Brachytherapy is a highly effective radiation treatment used for many forms of cancer, including late-stage cervical cancer, and can be curative, even for large and geometrically challenging tumors, which are particularly common in low resource settings. However, in cervical cancer brachytherapy, transcutaneous needles that carry radiation seeds directly to the tumor are extremely difficult to place as they must be guided through many layers of tissue using only ultrasound. Improper needle placement not only reduces effectiveness of eliminating larger tumors, but also increases the risk of complications from the procedure. Our goal is to create an applicator for brachytherapy treatment of geometrically challenging cervical cancer that improves the efficiency of needle placement to aid healthcare professionals in improving patient outcomes. This, in turn, will make brachytherapy more accessible in low-resource settings where cervical cancer remains a significant issue.
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Sunday, May 03, 2020
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  • Global Health Technologies
  • Bioengineering
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Andrea Gobin
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  • RICE 360
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Sabia Abidi
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  • BIOE
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Baylor College of Medicine & Harris County Health System

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Award(s) and Recognition
-Grand Prize at the 2020 Design of Medical Devices Conference Student Design Showcase
- Selected to compete in the 10th Annual Undergraduate Global Health Technologies Design Competition, hosted by the Rice 360° Institute for Global Health: Team received 2nd place
-Selection into the 2020 MIT SOLVER class and awarded $10k in funding
-Undergraduate winner of the
National Inventors Hall of Fame 2020 Collegiate Inventors Competition
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Collaborative Capstone Design

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