Wirelessly Powering Implantable Devices: Transcutaneous Energy Transfer


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Wirelessly Powering Implantable Devices: Transcutaneous Energy Transfer
Design Challenge
Most modern ventricular assist devices require the use of percutaneous wires to power the internal load. However; these wires can often lead to infections at the region where they pass through the percutaneous tissue. Studies have found that 10% of LVAD patients with percutaneous wires die from sepsis caused directly from these wires. Our device will be able to wirelessly power these internal loads, removing this source of infection, as well as provide additional functionality to the original device by adding a modern communication system and user interface.
Design Summary
Our team has designed a complete transcutaneous energy system that will be able to power Procyrion's catheter deployed ventricular assist device, as well as interface the device with the user and physician.

We have designed a system that employs two coils in which the external coil, contained in a belt, will transfer power from the external battery pack to an internal coil, which will then charge an internal battery. Procyrion's pump will then be run off the internal battery. We have utilized a evaluation kit that provides the basis for our coil design and all the other essential electronic devices required for our device, like batteries, voltage regulators, and microcontrollers.

Our communication system and user interface are able to communicate and retrieve data from both the external and internal coils and batteries, as well as the pump. We are also able to control the pump externally; however, this is not a control available to the patient. All the data can be wirelessly downloaded to a PC.

Last Updated: 4/15/2012
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Maria Oden
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Gary Woods
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2012 Engineering Design Showcase: Best Interdisciplinary Design Project, Third Annual Rice Alliance Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition: Medical and Rehabilitation Technologies

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