Baby Driver

Infant Car-Readiness Test Device


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2021-2022 Team
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Baby Driver
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Infant Car-Readiness Test Device
Design Challenge
Design a NeoSimCar that will house the infant in their car seat, rear
facing, secured to an actual seat via seatbelt at a safe height. In addition, it must simulate a moving vehicle
that replicates the travel conditions such as vestibular input (acceleration / deceleration, stop / start; lateral
shifts and rotational movements of lane changes and turns), visual input (light / shadow, such as moving under
trees or at night with street lights), and auditory stimuli (muted sounds of tires on the road, ambient sounds of
conversation, radio / music, rain/ wind, and noise of other vehicles). Next, it must evaluate and record
cardio-pulmonary data such as heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturations, and alarms would sound if
the infant falls below the alarm limits. This data should be collected while correlating to the motion(s) made by
the simulated vehicle. The thought is that this will increase patient/staff/visitor safety while providing a
standardized, more valid and reliable test of the infants’ ability to safely tolerate car seat travel.
Date Updated
Monday, September 06, 2021
Texas Children's Hospital
  • Mechanical Engineering

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2022 George R. Brown Engineering Design Showcase: Best Gaming, Creative or Innovative Technology Award
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Collaborative Capstone Design

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